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About MiniCRM 

What language does MiniCRM support?
MiniCRM is in English. However, the field name for user input and can be in other languages.
What browsers does MiniCRM support?
MiniCRM supports Chrome, Safari, Edge and Firefox
What mobile platforms does MiniCRM  support?
MiniCRM apps is available for the followings:
  • IOS version 13 or higher
  • Android version 6.0 or higher with Google Play

MiniCRM Workspace

If I have 2 companies, can I manage with a single user account?
Yes. You may control which companies should the user access to.
How many user account can I add?
You can have up to 200 active user accounts


What channels are available for notification?
User may receive notification through email or in-app notification
Can I get the notification from my company email?
Yes, you may. Please email your SMTP details to us

Pricing & Billing

How much does it cost for exceeding transactions/ storage?
You will receive invoice for the additional usage at $29/ 1000 usages or upgrade to the next tier whichever is lower.

Scenario 1: You have a Standard Package and your usage this month is 5600. The additional charges will be $29

Scenario 2: You have a Standard Package and your usage this month is 9000. The additional charges will be $100 to upgrade to Premium Package

My MiniCRM Account

How to change my username?
You are not allowed to change your username for login for security reason.
How to change my password
You may find the details here:
1. Click the profile picture icon at bottom left of the page.
2. Click ‘Password’.
3. Enter your new password and confirm new password.

If you forget your password, you may reset your password at the login page.
Find the details here:
In Login page, click ‘Forgot Password’.
1. Then, enter your email which is used in the workspace.
2. Click ‘Get reset link’.
Then, it will send a reset password email to your email.
How to delete an account?
You may disable a user account if you are user admin.
1. Click ‘Users’
2. Click ‘Disable Member’ beside the user account
3. Click ‘Disable’

Import & Export

How to import existing customers to MiniCRM ?
1. Click the import icon on the top right corner of the customer list
2. Select the excel file from your computer
3. Click ‘Import’
How to export data from MiniCRM ?
1. Click the export icon on the top right corner of the list
2. Click ‘Export to Excel’


Does MiniCRM have automation?
Yes, you may automate your work process through Zapier.
Please contact us for more details


Why can’t I login to MiniCRM ?
You account might have been disabled if you are not able to log in.
This could happen due to 3 failed login attempts or disabled by admin.
Contact your admin to enable your account.
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